My voice career began sitting in my closet, surrounded by clothes, unplugging the refrigerator to reduce hum and translating script lit by flashlight into a passionate recording. Things have evolved since then, after taking on my first major client with the Knowledge Network in BC as one of their two promotional voices where I provided branding to the Knowledge Network channel in promoting all of their upcoming programming. 

I have a list of extensive clients from audiobooks (everything from instruction manuals to pansexual romance novels), voicemail directories, one-off production hits, short documentaries and video games. 

I work in the television production and distribution industry and over the past 15 years my voice has been used for a variety of timed scratch tracks to help with post-production.

My Training

I have very early training at Children's Television Studios in Toronto, Ontario ('80s). Extensive work at the school of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University - both on the production-side of projects, and on the acting side as well. I was usually the go-to guy when a voiceover was required for a variety of projects within the school. Ryerson was a four-year degree program and a highly valuable experience in my life. 

My extensive production knowledge allows for you to utilize my services on a higher level - I can do post-audio work involving compression, effects, output tricks and methods to produce a better piece. And if you're looking for some minor foley, I have some experience in that realm, as well!

Additional Skills

Despite my extensive experience, I still consider myself new to the industry. My minor in English from Ryerson University will also help to add another layer of grammar and spelling checks to your project. Quite often, especially with audiobooks, I have found errors that would have affected the read and outcome of both the audio and printed versions of a book.